The special features of Camp Dalmacija

Ours is a modern camp that caters to the needs of the modern tourist, respects traditional values and lives in harmony with nature.

Along with Internet access, electric power connection points for each camp pitch and the other conveniences provided by a 3-star campground, we also offer a return to nature and an opportunity to raise awareness of true family and friendship values.

Situated on a gentle slope with a southwest view, our campground is perfect for growing olive trees. Olive trees nurtured for eighty years have created the ideal shade for each camp pitch. The broad and dense crowns of our olive trees provide the best possible protection from the sun while allowing for a pleasant flow of natural currents—truly natural air conditioning. People who live here say that the best afternoon rest is to be found under an olive tree. Find out why.

In October diligent hands harvest the olives, which are then transported to the local mill for cold pressing to produce extra virgin oil. Please embrace and respect your coexistence with the natural environment and allow the olives to grow in your vicinity.

At the heart of the camp is a children's playground where friendship values can be nurtured from the youngest age. Your children will be protected here in the best possible shade, even when the sun is at its highest, but we should note that caps, protective sunblock cream and appropriate clothing are obligatory.

For our nautical guests we offer safe berthing for your vessel.

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