Our restaurant

Our restaurant's philosophy is to offer dishes made of fresh, quality produce—with an emphasis on the highest possible level of local produce.

We offer a very simple menu that provides a sufficiently broad selection of foods and beverages for all our guests, even the youngest. Our restaurant seats 100 and is open from 10 am to 10 pm. The seaside setting offers a brilliant atmosphere.

An essential gourmet detail in our culinary offer is olive oil, which can be enjoyed simply on bread or mixed with lemon juice, as a salad dressing for better absorption of vitamins soluble in vegetable fats, or as a parsley, garlic and olive oil dressing for fish dishes. Be creative and discover what best suits your palate.

When it comes to our fish menu, our old gourmands were wont to say that fish swims thrice—in the sea, in wine and in oil. We respect this tradition and offer quality wines and oil.

Quick menu

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