The beaches at Camp Dalmacija

The sea at our campgrounds is, above all, clean and of the stunning blue colour the Adriatic is known for.

The beach faces to the southwest, which provides for sun all day long and in particular the afternoon hours.

Paved with stone, the beach is the ideal place for tanning—bring your own mats.

Those who enjoy spending at lot of time in the water will be pleased to know that the seabed here is sandy, which is a perfect setting in which to enjoy ball games.

For those skilled in diving the best place to dive into the sea is at the end of the jetty. The sea is sufficiently deep there and there is no danger of splashing tanners, but do take care of the boats that are berthed off the jetty.

The sea is so clean here that you can try your hand at fishing.

Certainly one of the most magical moments in each day is the evening and the view of the setting sun—take it all in with a drink on the upper terrace of our lounge bar at the restaurant beach. 

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